Time passes by



I'm sitting in my apartment in the dark listening to Tangerine Dream's Optical Race (1988). It feels good even if the laptops screen is slightly too bright and bringing on a bit of a headache. Turn brightness down tap tap tap ~*...

I've been camping this weekend with W and her family. The bird song in the morning was very beautiful and even though I didn't sleep well in the cold and my back hurt a bit on the hard floor I had a very good time. However, I didn't feel great when I first arrived. I tried to read James Bridle's new book to get me out of it but actually realised I was just doing research in a field. I often need to tell myself to leave my head or do something that will get me out of it like walking or swimming.

There is a funding opportunity that, if I get it, would make 2022/23 quite nice. But I haven't spent enough time working towards the writing of it and it has stressed me out for the last few days. I arrived thinking about it and I kept on thinking about it until we went on a walk around the surrounding countryside and towns. I need to remind myself that getting up and moving away from what I imagine to be productive is necessary for me.

Likewise, I was reminded today that writing on a journal/blog can be very worthwhile when reading through a couple of different things online this evening whilst cooking and eating dinner. So here I am with a quick update:

Working on

• A website for Robida Collective with my good friend Kirsten Spruit.

• Peer-2-Peer learning initiative with friends from Varia.

• Teaching a course at the KABK that examines the practice of Doing Nothing.

• Figuring out where I currently am and where I want to go (some thoughts to follow in next post)

• Trying to balance things a little bit better


• Ways of Being - James Bridle

• Orwell's Roses - Rebecca Solnit

• Driftglass - Samuel R. Delany

• MacGuffin Magazine - Number 10: The Bottle


• Madalyn Merkey - Puzzle Music

• I-Level - I-Level

• NTS Earlybird + Breakfast shows

Okay, I'm going to finish this day up and go for an early nights sleep.