Coding in front of the fire



I'm sitting in on the big sofa in my parents living room. There are 3 pillows, a soft blanket and a patchwork blanket on here with me. I'm facing the fireplace where there are some glowing embers and whispy flames giving off an ambient warmth. I'm listening to a show on NTS by Adam Oko with Cool Maritime. It's my first time listening to this host but I can tell it won't be the last. It's 15:42 and it's starting to get dark outside.

There's been grey clouds around all day and the temperature has been hovering around 5 degrees. I'm starting this blog now today so that I can truly begin it in 2022. If you see it now, it doesn't have any styling and very little about it has been planned. I've been meaning to do this for a while but haven't quite had the head space to begin.

Now I find myself coding in front of the fire and somehow this seems like the right time. I've been frustrated with the lack of intimacy I find on my phone and the internet. This is me cultivating some sort of intimacy, even just for myself. This place might shift and change over time but its vibes will be set to 'intimate and cozy' from the start. So here it goes, hello (again) world.