A letter to 2022


#new year

I decided that I would not write a newsletter this year because and instead I would start a blog. A place where I can write down my thoughts and ideas. I actually started writing a newsletter so what you find below will be a version of that letter:

This evening, a Tuesday evening at 8:30, I’m making a start at writing this letter. I’m calling it a letter rather than newsletter because I want to write it as a letter to you rather than an email to everyone. I know it’s an email to everyone but somehow it makes me write differently when I think about the people who might read this. I think a letter sits more within the frame of a conversation than a publication. Which is something I’ve been thinking about quite recently, conversation as a method. Well, actually I should go back one step further. I’ve been thinking a bit about what I want to do in the coming year. Last year I wrote 

”I’m happy to be surrounded by water, even when its immobilising…maybe even because its immobilising. And I hope that theres more water next year and I hope that I can be in it.” 

Being immersed in something became a kind of guide for 2021. Immersed in activities, topics, making, resting, people, and places. When I look back at the year, I think in some ways this guiding principle really helped me do things and I can see that in other areas I forgot about it. So it still stands this year, immersion as a guiding principle for living. However, I still want a 'resolution' for 2022. Something that is more of a principle than necessarily a thing that I need to do. I have some ideas which I still haven’t quite found the right words for but I’ll try. 

I want to focus on home. I want to find new things by staying in one place. I don’t want to make anything new. I want to revisit old ideas and give space to things that are already in motion. I want to walk more. I want to know the different types of birds and trees in the local park. I want to be able to make long-term plans. I want to accumulate things and sift through them. I want to spend more time in libraries.

I don’t really know how to sumarise those things into a resolution because somehow they all feel like they come from the same urge. Maybe they’re all just an extension on being immersed. Perhaps it doesn’t matter that much and what really matters is that the intention is set. The guiding principle is there and I will try my best to remember what I said.

A float attatched to a boat that has the word Intuition written on it
A float attatched to a boat that has the word Intuition written on it